Outing to Dublin 1 October 2016

To commemorate the centenary of 1916 Emly Historical Society visited Dublin.Our first stop was at Collins Barracks which had a very interesting exhibition on the events of the Irish revolution of 1916. We then walked to Arbour Hill to pay our respects to those executed brave men and the Emly choir sang ‘Grace’ at the graveside. We drove by Kilmainham jail and recited from William Butler Yeats poem ‘Easter 1916’. Our next stop was at the GPO the headquarters of the rebellion and the exhibition ‘Witness History’. The final stop of the day was at Glasnevin cemetery where we had a walking tour by the local guide around this historic city of the dead.

Extract from Easter 1916 WB Yeats

I write it out in a verse-
McDonagh and McBride
And Connolly and Pearse
Now and in time to come
Wherever green is worn
Are changed ,changed utterly
A terrible beauty is born….

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