Survey of Emly’s Old Cemetery 2015 – 2016

A survey of  Emly’s old cemetery, undertaken by Emly Historical Society member Paddy Creamer and photographed by his son Paul has been available online on the website since about August 2016.

All 673 memorials were photographed using a Global Positioning System (GPS) camera, all inscriptions were recorded and a sketch map showing the location of the memorials is also provided. Any family information known or researched on various memorials have been added as a footnote also.

The project commenced in March 2015 and all the photos & data etc were uploaded to the Historic Graves website which was founded by archaeologist John Tierney of Eachtra Archaeological Projects.

John applied on behalf of the Emly project to the 2016 Local Diaspora fund to cover the cost of uploading the images to the Historic Graves website.

Hopefully, this undertaking will be of interest to people and to the Irish diaspora worldwide with connections to Emly and it’s neighbouring parishes.

We know from the Latin inscription on the wall at the main entrance to Emly’s old cemetery that it was being used as a burial ground in 1641.

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