20 May 2017 – Outing to Kinsale

The society visited Kinsale on 20 May 2017.This tour was guided by members of Kinsale Historical Society. Kinsale is an historic port and is well known for its historic streetscape and brightly coloured shops. Among the prominent buildings we visited were St Multose’s church , St John the Baptist church, Desmond Castle and Kinsale Regional Museum.

We went on a harbour cruise and this gave us a different view of Kinsale .A visit to the magnificient Charles Fort was a highlight because of its magnificent structure and its breathtaking views of the town and the harbour. We are also grateful to our guides for enlightening us about some of the most important historical events associated with the area such as the Battle of Kinsale and the sinking of the Lusitania. After a very busy day we adjourned to the Trident Hotel for a well- earned rest and an enjoyable meal.

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